Njord Gin Club

Project: Pop Up Gin BAR, 3 units of 20 ft. containers, Northside Festival 2015, Aarhus, Denmark

Status: Completed 2015

Client: Spirit of Njord

Collaborators: Spirit of Njord, NorthSide Music Festival. 

Image credits: Ditte Chemnitz

KRADS were asked by Spirit of Njord to design a Pop Up Gin Club at the music festival NorthSide in Aarhus, Denmark. The new danish brand, Spirit of Njord, is a quality small batch gin distillery, which embodies unique qualities within innovation and passion for their work, combined with a nordic spirit. The product is handcrafted, and is the culmination of the dedication of a group of enthusiasts.

The “secret” bar at the NorthSide Festival is built inside three 20 ft. shipping containers and deliberately hidden from view, inviting festival-goers to search for it. In order to find the bar, one has to leave the intense festival atmosphere behind, navigate through a 40 ft. shipping container suspended above ground, where a host will lead the way down a staircase into a courtyard through which there is access granted to the club. Njord Gin Club is the ”secret” bar of The NorthSide 2015, and this whole narrative surrounding the entry informed the design of the club itself. The club needed to be a very intimate, relaxed and cozy space, a retreat in the festival fabric. A small mystery that requires a bit of effort to reveal itself.

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